Version 4.1.6

Release Date: January 3, 2022

4.1.6 release of CodeIgniter4


  • Deserialization of Untrusted Data found in the old() function was fixed. See the Security advisory for more information.


  • Multiple table names will no longer be stored in BaseBuilder::$tableName - an empty string will be used instead.

Validation changes

  • The previous version of the Validation can’t handle an array item. Because of the bug fix, the validation results may be different, or raise a TypeError. But the previous version’s results are probably incorrect.

  • The Validation separated the validation process of multiple field like contacts.*.name and single field. When a single field has an array data, the previous version validates each element of the array. The validation rule gets an element of the array as the parameter. On the other hand, the current version passes the array to the validation rule as a whole.


  • Full support for PHP 8.1.

  • Database pane on debug toolbar now displays location where Query was called from. Also displays full backtrace.

  • Subqueries in QueryBuilder can now be an instance of the BaseBuilder class.

  • Kint was updated from ^3.3 to ^4.0.


  • The process of sending cookies has been moved to the Response class. Now the Security and CookieStore class don’t send cookies, set them to the Response.


  • Seeder::faker() and Seeder::$faker are deprecated.

  • BaseBuilder::cleanClone() is deprecated.

Sending Cookies

The process of sending cookies has been moved to the Response class. And the following methods are deprecated:

  • CookieStore::dispatch()

  • CookieStore::setRawCookie()

  • CookieStore::setCookie()

  • Security::sendCookie()

  • Security::doSendCookie()

Bugs Fixed

See the repo’s for a complete list of bugs fixed.