Version 4.1.5

Release Date: November 8, 2021

4.1.5 release of CodeIgniter4


  • Fixed a bug on CSRF protection. Now CSRF protection works on PUT/PATCH/DELETE requests when CSRF filter is applied. If you use such requests, you need to send CSRF token.

  • In the previous version, if you didn’t provide your own headers, CURLRequest would send the request-headers from the browser, due to a bug. As of this version, it does not send them.

  • Fixed BaseBuilder::insertBatch() return value for testMode. Now it returns SQL string array instead of a number of affected rows. This change was made because of maintaining compatibility between returning types for batch methods. Now the returned data type for BaseBuilder::insertBatch() is the same as the updateBatch() method.

  • Major optimizations have been made to the way data is processed in BaseBuilder::insertBatch() and BaseBuilder::updateBatch() methods. This resulted in reduced memory usage and faster query processing. As a trade-off, the result generated by the $query->getOriginalQuery() method was changed. It no longer returns the query with the binded parameters, but the actual query that was run.


  • Added Cache config for reserved characters

  • The addForeignKey() function of the Forge class can now define composite foreign keys in an array

  • The dropKey function of the Forge class can remove key

  • Now _ can be used as separators in environment variable. See Namespace Separator.

  • Added Multiple filters for a route and Classname filter

  • Reduced memory usage of insertBatch() and updateBatch()

  • Added Session based CSRF Protection

  • Added valid_url_strict rule for Validation

  • Debug Toolbar
    • Added formatted query string to timeline

    • Improved keyword highlighting and escaping of query strings


  • Always escape identifiers in the set, setUpdateBatch, and insertBatch functions in BaseBuilder.


  • Deprecated CodeIgniter\\Cache\\Handlers\\BaseHandler::RESERVED_CHARACTERS in favor of the new config property

Bugs Fixed

See the repo’s for a complete list of bugs fixed.