Upgrading from 4.3.1 to 4.3.2

Please refer to the upgrade instructions corresponding to your installation method.

Breaking Changes


The base_url() behavior has been fixed. In previous versions, when you call base_url() without argument, it returned baseURL without a trailing slash (/). Now it returns baseURL with a trailing slash. For example:

  • before: http://example.com

  • after: http://example.com/

If you have code to call base_url() without argument, you may need to adjust the URLs.


The uri_string() behavior has been fixed. In previous versions, when you navigate to the baseURL, it returned /. Now it returns an empty string ('').

If you have code to call uri_string(), you may need to adjust it.


The uri_string() returns a URI path relative to baseURL. It is not a full URI path if the baseURL contains subfolders. If you use it for HTML links, it is better to use it with site_url() like site_url(uri_string()).

Mandatory File Changes


If you have installed CodeIgnter manually and are using or planning to use Composer, remove the following line:

    "scripts": {
        "post-update-cmd": [
            "CodeIgniter\\ComposerScripts::postUpdate"  <-- Remove this line
        "test": "phpunit"

Project Files

Some files in the project space (root, app, public, writable) received updates. Due to these files being outside of the system scope they will not be changed without your intervention.

There are some third-party CodeIgniter modules available to assist with merging changes to the project space: Explore on Packagist.

Content Changes

The following files received significant changes (including deprecations or visual adjustments) and it is recommended that you merge the updated versions with your application:

  • app/Config/Mimes.php

  • app/Views/errors/html/error_exception.php

  • composer.json

  • public/.htaccess

All Changes

This is a list of all files in the project space that received changes; many will be simple comments or formatting that have no effect on the runtime:

  • app/Config/App.php

  • app/Config/Mimes.php

  • app/Views/errors/html/error_exception.php

  • composer.json

  • public/.htaccess