Version 4.4.2

Release Date: October 19, 2023

4.4.2 release of CodeIgniter4

Message Changes

  • Added Language.invalidMessageFormat error message.


  • Database Migrations: The -g option for the spark migrate:rollback command was removed. It did not work from the beginning. Also, the rollback command returns the database(s) state to a specified batch number and cannot specify only a specific database group.

  • Security: The presence of the CSRF token is now also checked in the raw body (not JSON format) for PUT, PATCH, and DELETE type of requests.


  • Filters: The Auto-Discovery for Filters and Filters::discoverFilters() is deprecated. Use Registrars instead. See Filters for details.

  • CLI: The public property CLI::$readline_support and CLI::$wait_msg are deprecated. These methods will be protected.

  • CodeIgniter: The parameter $config for the displayCache() method is deprecated. It was not used.

Bugs Fixed

  • CodeIgniter: Fixed a bug that returned “200 OK” response status code when Page Not Found.

  • Spark: Fixed a bug that caused spark to not display exceptions in the production mode or to display backtrace in json when an exception occurred.

  • Forge: Fixed a bug where adding a Primary Key to an existing table was ignored if there were no other Keys added too.

  • Routing: Fixed a bug that spark routes may show incorrect route names.

See the repo’s for a complete list of bugs fixed.