Version 4.0.3

Release Date: May 1, 2020

4.0.3 release of CodeIgniter4

Thanks to the community, there have been 74 bugs closed, 21 issues closed, and 88 merged pull requests. These are all listed in the This is a small representation of some of the bigger changes you should know about.


  • The API Response Trait now only determines the final formatting (json/xml) through content negotiation when the controller’s $format variable is null. If it contains either json or xml, then that format will always be returned.

  • Pagination now can actually create next page and previous page links, instead of next/previous groups of links.

  • Windows users wanting to build their own copy of the user guide locally can now use the included make.bat file.

  • Locale matching in the IncomingRequest class now works to match broad groups, like fr even when the browser only supplies a more specific locale code, like fr-FR.

  • Added the ability to have nested language defintions.

  • add ability to replace {locale} to request->getLocale() in form_open(‘action’)

  • tables generated by CLI commands can now be colored.

Bugs Fixed

  • Deleting through the Model on a table with string primary key now works.

  • Default pagination templates fixed to use the correct locale.

  • Lots of tweaks and corrections in the user guide.

  • Fixed locating files in custom namespaces that were occassionally not found. Primarily affected console commands.

See the repo’s for a complete list of bugs fixed.