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Contribute to CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a community driven project and accepts contributions of code and documentation from the community. These contributions are made in the form of Issues or Pull Requests on the CodeIgniter4 repository on GitHub.

Issues are a quick way to point out a bug. If you find a bug or documentation error in CodeIgniter then please check a few things first:

  • There is not already an open Issue
  • The issue has already been fixed (check the develop branch, or look for closed Issues)
  • Is it something really obvious that you fix it yourself?
  • If you are unsure if you have found a bug, then start a new thread in the CodeIgniter forum, in the Issues section!

Reporting issues is helpful but an even better approach is to send a Pull Request, which is done by “Forking” the main repository and committing to your own copy. This will require you to use the version control system called Git.

CodeIgniter 3 has its own GitHub repository.

Security issues should be reported with an email to our security team, rather than being brought up on the forum or raised as a GitHub issue, thanks! Read more about responsible disclosure.

Not a Programmer?

We always need feedback on what works and what does not! Most of the development effort is going into Version 4, so that is where the need is greatest. If you find something that is definitely a bug, and you are a GitHub user, please create a new "issue". If you are not a GitHub user, or if you are unsure if you have found a bug, then start a new thread in the CodeIgniter forum Issues section!


Every project needs good documentation! The CodeIgniter user guide is part of the GitHub project (mentioned above), and there is always room for more tutorials.

CodeIgniter 3's user guide is part of its own repository.


The word needs to be spread about good and worthy projects, which we think CodeIgniter is :) You can help by being active in the forums, answering questions, and by spreading the word inside your developer or user community.


The forum can always use moderators, to make sure that discussions/threads stay on topic, and to weed out the inappropriate users or comments!


Suggestions and help with our website, User Guide, and forum design are always welcome! We are working on themes for each of these, which will be shared in their own GitHub repository.

Coder Section

If you would like to get involved in helping to build CodeIgniter4, join us on GitHub! A detailed contribution guide is in Contributing to CodeIgniter, that it is properly documented, and that you use the Git-Flow branching model.

CodeIgniter 3 equivalent link: its repository.


Every project needs a core group of developers, familiar with the project standards and conventions, to review proposed enhancements and fixes. We have been really fortunate with our group of reviewers so far, and hope to recruit a few more.