2021-11-08 by Lonnie Ezell

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Clearing out the cobwebs and dusting off the counters we found a brand new website for CodeIgniter.

This site has a huge history that I'm only partly aware of. Back before Jim's passing, Paul was working with a number of volunteers discussing the direction that a new site should take, determining goals, and generally trying to modernize the site and build the future of CodeIgniter's face. This group included some names I'm sure you will recognize from the forums: php_rocs, tsrules, marcogmonteiro, little-j, jreklund, insitefx, ignitedcms, damianturner, and demyr.

Shortly after Jim, the project lead, passed away Paul felt he needed to step down from his duties since a new job took him away from CodeIgniter into new directions. A lot of momentum was lost at that point, unfortunately, though I don't think through any fault of the website team. Demyr, Marco and Little-J had the basic HTML about finished. Lonnie started fresh repo for a new website with the hopes of creating a good example of how you might use CodeIgniter 4 to build a simple website. The HTML and design work was all from the previous team, though.

We meant to get this site launched earlier. Famous last words of most volunteer-driven teams, I'm sure. One good excuse was that we wanted deployment of both it and the user guides largely automated and on new hosting platforms so that it could all be moved at once. We're not quite there, but we are getting close. A small issue with an update of the previous version of the site gave us the kick in the pants we needed to release it anyway.

A huge thanks to the time these volunteers put in with general discussion, planning, design, and implementation. It is very much appreciated by the core team, and I'm sure by everyone else as well.