2020-07-15 by Lonnie Ezell

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Hey all - thanks to huge help from the community I'm happy to announce the release of version 4.0.4.

There are a quite a number of bug-fixes as people use the framework more. Along with that there's a pretty long list of enhancements (see changelog).

In particular, though, I'm really proud to see new testing capabilities made available to you with Fabricators added to allow easily generating sample data for your Models while testing. Also a number of things streamlined within Feature testing. Thanks to MGatner for those updates.

There's a new command() helper that will let you call any CLI commands within your code. This can be useful for testing and for use within cron jobs.

A new command, cache:clear allows you to purge your cache storage from the cli.

The image library now supports webp images, thanks to nicojmb and michalsn.

Testing of the framework has increased, mostly due to the diligent efforts of samsonasik.

Devorama has added field type and length to the database method getFieldData across all supported databases.

And much more!

This could never have happened without the combined effort of all of the volunteers that pour their time, energy, and passion into this project, especially michalsn, MGatner, samsonasik, paulbalandan. And also to jreklund, InsiteFX, and others for all of the time spent helping out on the forums.

What's in the future?

We have a date for 4.1 - November 1st. That coincides with PHP 7.2 becoming EOL, so we will switch the minimum supported PHP version to 7.3.

We hope to have MSSQL and Oracle database drivers fixed up by then, which I know are huge things for a number of people.

And more, of course.